Stephen Revell

Stephen worked for Freshfields for over 41 years and was a partner for 33 of them. He has lived on 3 continents – North America, Europe, and Asia and has managed transactions in over 50 countries. Whilst at Freshfields he led the StrongerTogether relationship program involving over 400 law firms around the world. His many years of leadership and myriad discussions with law firm leaders and clients about their challenges have helped shape his thinking about law firm management issues.

A New Approach to Consultancy

Managing a law firm is challenging in the best of times. These are not the best of times… The coronavirus has had and will continue to have, an unprecedented impact on economies, on businesses, and on law firms. This comes on top of significant changes already impacting law firms driven by a variety of factors including technology, the use of alternative legal service providers, changing client demands, and a changing attitude to work.

My own experience and conversations with law firm leaders have led me to believe that many law firm management teams know what they should be doing but struggle with execution – bringing about the required changes – whatever they may be. That’s why I have established Making Change Happen – a new approach to consultancy. “We are focussed on execution; helping law firm leaders bring about the changes they need and establishing them in the business with support, direction, and guidance.” Given my experience, I bring both a global perspective and an approach anchored in the needs of your clients. The changes we focus on include:

• Building better client relationships
• More collaboration between partners
• The associate contract
• Making offices more cost-effective
• Implementing technological change
• To merge or not to merge
• Law firm networks
• Risk and Crisis management
• Business Development processes
• Restructuring

We don’t just come for an afternoon with a slide deck. We will embed a specialist team with the requisite skills, led by Stephen Revell, in your firm to complete agreed tasks in an agreed time scale and, most importantly, in a way tailored to your law firm. We become part of your team, Making Change Happen.